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Alice Mueni Muli

Age: 7

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How Sponsorship Works

Sponsorship provides needy children with a place to live, a place to learn, and opportunities to grow. For many of our children, like the kids at Mason’s Place, a place to live means a full-time home. We provide everything for them—a comfortable bed, nutritious food, decent clothes and shoes, physical care, and purposeful activities.

For others, like the children who come daily to the Hope Center in Costa Rica, a place to live means a safe haven, away from the constant danger of the slums. But we also feed these children, and for most of them it’s their only meal of the day.

A place to learn describes the educational component—which looks different in different places. In some, like the Hope Centers in India and Kenya, it is a traditional school with a traditional structure. But at the Hope Center in Costa Rica, the emphasis is on teaching special skills and cultivating creative minds through a wide variety of classes.

Opportunities to grow happen at every Hope Center as the children we have rescued and cared for experience life in a totally new way. These precious girls and boys, many of whom had been abandoned and some who were literally thrown on the garbage heap, come alive as they encounter Christ and His love. By His grace they truly become new creations in Christ and shining examples of His transforming power.

How Sponsorship Brings Change

A Word about Sponsorships and Scholarships

Hope Partners’ approach to child sponsorship is purposeful and strategic.

First of all, we don’t “subcontract” with other organizations in providing for needy children. We have direct, daily contact with the girls and boys in our care. We know them, we love them and we do everything in our power to make their lives better and more meaningful.

Also, in the countries where we serve we use the term scholarship, not sponsorship. One reason is because education is always central to what we provide. Another reason is that we’ve learned by experience that scholarships are understood and appreciated in these nations, but sponsorships are often viewed with suspicion. We choose to use the terminology that works best and facilitates the best work.

Here in the U.S. we still call this a “child sponsorship program” — but as a sponsor you are actually providing a scholarship. And because the needs vary from country to country and place to place, we have streamlined the program to two levels of support: The Edify Level and The Amplify Level.

Whichever level you choose, you can be sure that your generosity will make a lasting difference in a child’s life—a difference that only eternity can measure..

Edify Scholarship

An Edify scholarship covers all the educational expenses and some other basic needs for a deserving child.

For only $39 per month you can provide a needy child with an Edify scholarship.

Amplify Scholarship

An Amplify scholarship covers all the educational expenses plus food, clothing, shoes, housing and medical care. Think of it as a “full-ride” scholarship.

For $79 per month you can provide all the blessings and benefits of an Amplify scholarship.